Do I need an unlock code?


I recently upgrade phones from a Motorola Moto X Pure Edition phone. The Moto X worked just fine

I want to have a friend use my Moto X so that it doesn’t just get thrown in a landfill as it’s still totally functional. My friend is on another carrier and I tired calling Motorola to find out if the phone would work on another carrier such as Mint but they were little help.

Does anyone know if this phone will work if someone else uses it on another carrier or do I need a subsidy unlock code to make the phone work with the SIM card from another carrier.


I think the OP upgraded to a new phone from a Moto X Pure. If that’s the case, he shouldn’t need any unlock code. To pass on a Moto X Pure to a new user, simply remove any lock screen password/pattern and do a factory reset.


My X Pure was active on MintSim for a short period of time.


Yes I am asking if a friend can take my Moto X Pure Edition phone that was active on Republic and use it on another carrier. Is louisdi correct or will it definitively not work on another carrier?

If not, is there a subsidy unlock code that can make it work or is it just impossible?


Moto X Pure, my mistake. There’s nothing to do. Just take it and use it.


the 2015 Moto X Pure that Republic could use is an unlocked version and can be activated on any carrier willing to take it (there is no need for a Unlock code

both the Moto X 1st and Moto X 2nd had custom ROM and could not be taken to another carrier even with a unlock code


For what it’s worth, I have an unlocked Moto X Pure that I have used on three different carriers, no problem…

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