Do I need new sim card to switch back to RW if I still have my old one?


My wife and I were with Republic for a while. While working on budgeting a few months back, I came across the plans offered by MintSim, and decided to try them out for a few months. We’ve had ongoing technical issues with texting and dropping signal, and I miss Republic’s app for tracking data usage. We’ve decided to switch back.

I still have our old sim cards from Republic. I’m curious, can I use them to reactivate, or will I need to purchase new sim cards? Thanks!

Convince me to stay!

if the sims have been inactivate for more than 20 days then you will need new sims
get them here or on amazon


Here would be: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless. Amazon:


Hi @subordinary1,

Welcome back! May I send you a couple of fresh SIM cards to get you going?


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