Do I need to buy a SIM card for the Moto G Power

Believe it or not we still have two Moto G phones (1st gen). Need to upgrade. So I need to order a SIM card, correct? And what is the estimated shipping for a phone + card, not expedited? Thanks!

You will need new SIM cards as the old Legacy Phones the SIM cards are tied to those phones.

If you buy the phone from RW’s website, it will come with a RW SIM.
BUt if you purchase it elsewhere, you will need to purchase the RW SIM kit sperately.

You will also be upgrading your plan to the My Choice Plan.

You also may experience different coverage as the Legacy phones, your old G1 is using RW’s CDMA (Sprint) network. Most of the new phones and BYOD phone is GSM (Tmobile).

If i recall, shipping cost and time is based on your location that is calculated at checkout.
Some phones on the RW website may be out of stock or on back order due to the manufacture supply issues.

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Thanks for the reminder of the upgrade to My Choice Plan with a new purchase. I had forgotten that.

At one point TMobile didn’t work well at our home. Haven’t had friends w/ Tmobile at our home using their phone. Zip Code wise it says we are covered. If we have trouble, does Republic still send a new/different SIM card? Typically wi-fi works very well for us but it is nice to have that cell back up when things do go awry.

Zip code is 46703

I just checked the TMobile coverage map. At our home it says FAIR signal outdoors and occasionally indoors for 4G LTE. That doesn’t sound good to me. Does this mean we need to give up Republic? I hope not. With not having a land line, I need good cell coverage too.

Hi @paulat.0p5ea5,

Republic is able to offer CDMA (Sprint network) coverage in your area for the Moto G Power. According to Sprint’s coverage map, that looks robust. Here’s how to request a CDMA SIM:


Thank you, thank you! Just wish a phone wasn’t on back order. But so happy that we can stay put!
Love the service and the price!!!


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