Do I need to change my sim card?

Hi. I have a 2020 Moto G Power and my wife has a 2020 Moto G Fast. Both have cdma sim cards. With all of the stuff I’m reading here about the transition from RW to Dish (to AT&T??), do we need to switch our sim cards to GSM? If so, do we need to request tech help from RW to make that happen or can we just switch sim cards here at home?

Last question. Will current RW customers continue to have wifi first phone/service capabilities, or is Dish moving away from that. Because wifi first phones/service and the great Community help support are THE reasons were on RW. Oh, and the price (and the RW staff).

Ok. That’s it. Everyone, stay safe.


There is no immediate need for you or your wife to do anything. Your My Choice CDMA SIMs will continue to work, at least, until June 30, 2022. That said, you will eventually need new SIMs. If referring to acquiring GSM SIMs for use with your My Choice plans, doing so is no longer possible. The only SIMs Republic now offers are 5.0 SIMs. Given the current bugs plaguing 5.0, that’s not a move you want to make now nor, again, is there an immediate need to do so.

It’s not really a question of DISH moving away from WiFi first. To begin with, all smartphones (Androids and iPhones) activated on any cellular network are WiFi first for data. This is the design of the operating system and never had anything to do with Republic service. What once made Republic unique is its proprietary technology that made WiFi calling WiFi first.

For 5.0 plans, Republic is indeed moving away from its proprietary technology in favor of industry standard carrier (in Republic 5.0’s case AT&T"s) WiFi calling. Relying on industry standard WiFi calling instead of Republic’s own proprietary technology is not inherently worse. In some ways, one might make the case it’s better. For you and your wife, however, there is an important caveat. Neither your 2020 Moto G Power or your wife’s Moto G Fast are supported for WiFi calling on AT&T’s network.

How important is that? Do you know how robust AT&T’s coverage is in your area? If AT&T’s coverage is sufficiently robust in your area, there’s nothing bad about relying on cellular for calling. It’s unlimited on all 5.0 plans. Once again, data remains WiFi first.


Thank you for the thorough explanations. We will plan accordingly.