Do I need to keep phone power off while number transfers?


I activated a new phone and selected new number so I could see what numbers were available. Well you dont get to see the available numbers instead you are just assigned a new number.

This being the case I would just like to keep my old republic number… I put in a help ticket for this.

My question is: Do I need to keep the phones powered off while I wait for the transfer.


In order to give accurate info, we need to know what old phone and plan do you have.
Is that old phone still active with your original number?

What new phone and plan did you just activate?


old phone is Moto E 1st gen with the old school plan i think its called 1.0
yes its is still active i can see it in my republic account. I can see both phones in my republic account now since the new phone now has a new number.

I bought from republic a moto g4 with the $20 1g plan


In order to preserve the 1.0 plan (the one that allows you two plan changes per billing cycle)
you will need to submit a ticket (or modify your existing ticket) to state that you want to
swap the phone numbers on your two lines of service.
This will move your original number from the E1 to the newly activated G4
and move the new number from the G4 to E1.

Once the swap is completed, it might be a good idea to restart your phones to make sure everything it working as expected. In the interim, you can continue to use both phones…you don’t need to keep them powered off.

If you don’t care about preserving the 1.0 plan and you are ok with moving the E1 to a 2.0 Refund Plan then there is another self-help way that can get you up and running faster. Let me know if you want information for that route.


I got it thanks, tech said easiest way was just to cancel the service and reactivate it choosing the correct phone number to use. worked like charm. thanks for the help all…


As you found there’s no choice of new numbers during the activation process.

Depending upon what you didn’t like about the new number you may be able to find a new number you like better. You can go to your account portal and select option to change your number. State area codes and the local exchanges may be able to be selected depending upon availability.

During my last activation I was given an area 3 hours from location. No numbers in my local area code were available when attempting to get a new number. About a month later local numbers became available again.


That would work for the new phone.
But when you reactivate the E1 it will put it on a 2.0 Refund Plan. If you need it back on the 1.0 plan
you will need to submit a help ticket and explain what happened and see if they will allow you to
go back to the 1.0 plan. All new activations of the legacy phones put them on the 2.0 Refund plans.


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