Do I NEED to purchase a new SIM card - NEW PHONE - but SAME MODEL


DETAILS: My daughter’s Moto X Pure is having issues after a drop (again) so instead of repairing (again… sigh) She just decided to buy a new one. She is happy to keep the same model, but Republic does not sell it anymore (but it is still supported) I found a good deal from a reputable seller and it will arrive Friday.

QUESTION: Can we simply transfer the SIMS card? OR do we need to buy a new one from Republic (remember, the one we have IS from her current Republic bought phone - same model as the new one will be).

Thank you


That depends. Can you look at the SIM from the current Moto X Pure. Is it all green on both side, or is there white on one side?


Basically, a GSM SIM can just be swapped but a CDMA one is not able to and must be ordered from support. That is what @michellen is trying to figure out.


So her SIM (activated a year ago by REPUBLIC) is all white… so I’m guessing CDMA
I see that a new card is only $5, so I’ll order one just in case. :slight_smile:


The new SIM you order will be a GSM SIM, so you might just be better off to play it safe and open a help ticket on this to be certain the activation goes as it should.


Hi @maryz.3xl1ws,

It’s not possible for a SIM activated in a Moto X Pure a year ago to be CDMA. Only GSM was available at that time. Would you do me the kindness of looking at the lettering of the SIM in question? Is is all gray or is the public portion of the word Republic green?


If the word public is in green…you have a GSM SIM card. I concur with my friend @rolandh, if you have a SIM card from a year ago then you likely have a GSM SIM card.


Yep “public” part of the word “republic” is green. the number is … freekin’ tiny LOL
So that means it’s a GSM SIM… so that means it WILL work. Should I still open a help ticket? Just to make sure the transition runs smoothly? (You all are amazing by the way!!!)


There really is no need. You should have no issues moving the SIM over.


THANK YOU ALL!!! :star_struck: I wish I had this kind of help in all aspects of my life (haha!)


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