Do I really have viruses on my phone?

I have a message on my phone that it has four viruses and that I need to correct it with Google Play. It claims that it has routed to adult sites. I turned it off and didn’t get into it. The IP looked really hinky. Anyone have a way to fix this if it’s even real?

This sounds like a scam to me. It might be coming from an app you installed or it might be in your Chrome history. You can clear your Chrome history and delete recent “free” apps.

Hi @lindap.telspl!

Doesn’t sound legit. Android does not natively alert users about viruses. If it’s not from a reliable virus app (I.e. Norton etc.), it’s probably and add trying to get you to download an app. There is probably an app you have which is pushing the rogue adds. If you download a legitimate virus scanner app and run a scan, it may tell you which app is pushing the adds. It can also tell you if you do indeed have a virus (which is highly unlikely). Hope that helps!


I just received a similar message. I don’t recall downloading any apps recently, so I have cleared my Chrome history. So far, so good. Thanks.


same here, cleared the browser. Disheartening to think we have to deal with this on our phones now too.

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