Do model #s really matter?


I want to buy m daughter a new (used) phone but Im not finding the exact numbers. Example: I am looking at getting the Moto X 2nd gen XT1094, but all I can find is the XT1095. Does it matter? TIA


That phone won’t work with Republic. Model numbers must match exactly and for those phones that specify software builds, they must match at that level of detail.

On the Moto X 2nd Gen specifically (along with the Moto X1, G1, G3, E1 or E2), the phone must have been made for Republic. If the seller says it can be used with any other carrier or has been used with any other carrier, or calls it unlocked, it will not work with Republic.


As i’m looking on ebay, there are phones that say they are from the Republic Wireless network but the MPN is one digit off. Ex. MOTXT1096 but on the wbpage it says it XT1094? Would the phone still work w/republic if it has been in the past?


The XT1096 is the Verizon version of the phone and won’t work with Republic. So, either it is the XT1094 OR it hasn’t ever been and can’t be activated with Republic.


Ok, thank you for all your help.:grin:


Hi @stephanien.5vg44e,
Along with @louisdi’s great advice all I want to add is if the seller can leave the sim card in the phone will make your time getting up and running easier. That’s a special sim card for the RW 1.0/2.0 legacy Motorola phones ( Moto X1, G1, G3, E1 or E2) spoken of by Louisdi. RW can replace them but it takes time for a support ticket to be answered and the sim shipped to you.


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