Do NOT use Motorola's Repair Service

If you crack your phone, do NOT go through Motorola’s repair program. They are extremely incompetent and they all but outright lie. I went through their repair program because I cracked the screen on my Moto G 3rd gen. They said that I would receive a temporary replacement phone, then I could send my phone with the cracked screen in for repair, they would then send it back to me and I would send the temporary phone they gave me back to them.

They charged about an extra $75 or so as collateral to insure I would send the temporary replacement phone back in. That’s what they told me would happen. Instead they sent me a phone with a SIM that didn’t work. I spent over 16 hours on the phone telling them the same thing over and over. It’s like talking to a machine that only recognizes a few voice commands and is entirely incapable of comprehending anything outside of its limited programming. I contacted Republic Wireless about the problem. They told me exactly why the SIM card they sent me wouldn’t work, and which SIM card Motorola needed to send me. I got back on the phone with Motorola and they kept bouncing me back and forth between departments. I would tell them what Republic Wireless told me verbatim (more than once between different departments), and then I would get script questions that I had already answered multiple times.

These guys where so incompetent that I asked if I could send the replacement phone they sent me and get my money back. The operator said she would forward it to the financial department with some type of priority status. They didn’t get back to me. I called in again and told them that I either wanted cancel everything and get my money back, or I wanted them to send me a SIM card that worked. The operator said Motorola would contact Republic Wireless (RW) and work it out with them. Next I get an email from Motorola saying that they already contacted RW and worked it out. So I contact RW and they agent said Motorola hadn’t done anything.

This was the third time I contacted RW about the problem so they basically took pity on me and sent the SIM card I needed free of charge. Finally I have a phone that works and I can send my phone with the cracked screen in for repair. Normally, once the replacement phone is received from Motorola you are supposed to send in the damaged phone 4 or 5 days after the replacement phone is received. I couldn’t do that because the phone they sent me didn’t work. So I called in to Motorola and ask if the shipping label they sent me is still valid. They said that it wasn’t and that they would send me another one. It never came in. It still hasn’t. I took the original shipping label (which Motorola said wasn’t valid) to USPS, and USPS said it was valid. So I sent my broken phone in for repair with that shipping label. I get an email from Motorola saying that it was received and I can check the status with a link they gave me. A few days later I check the link and I see “Status: closed”. I call in again and they tell me that they did receive the device, but they won’t repair. I ask why not and she said that they cannot repair or return the device I sent in. I told her about the process they said would happen.

  1. Motorola sends me a temporary phone I can use while they repair my phone.
  2. I send my phone in for repair
  3. They send my phone back once repaired
  4. I send in the replacement phone and I get the money I put down as collateral for that phone.

Her response was “I know sir but we cannot return or repair your device”. I ask why and she says it because they sent me a replacement phone. I told her I know that. It didn’t work for over a month and Motorola didn’t do anything to fix their mistake. I told her that the phone was supposed to be repaired and returned (like it said on the website), so that I could return the temporary phone they sent me. After about 1 hour and 12 minutes of being put on hold them telling me over and over that they won’t repair or return my phone because they sent me a replacement phone I asked to speak with the manager. Finally the manager explains that they don’t repair the phone with the Advanced Exchange Program I paid for. They just send you a new phone, keep the extra Security Hold money, and trash your broken phone once they get it. There are two alleged repair programs they offer.

              Advanced Exchange Program: (Sub-Total: $99.99)

Repair Estimate: $75.00
Security Hold: $75.00
Premium Fee: $24.99

  1. Return & Repair Program: (Sub-Total: $75.00) repair estimate

The Return & Repair Program you send in your phone (you don’t have a phone in the meantime) and they repair it and send it back to you.

I paid more money for the Advanced Exchange Program because I needed a phone to work with in the meantime. Both of the above options are in the “Request a Repair” page. It says the word “repair” all over the page. At no point in the Advanced Exchange Program description do they say that they are not going to repair your phone. Notice the Repair Estimate.

Advanced Exchange Program: (Sub-Total: $99.99)

Repair Estimate: $75.00
Security Hold: $75.00
Premium Fee: $24.99

It’s very misleading to say repair everywhere if you aren’t going to repair the phone. All over this section of the website and in the emails they send you see labels like:

My Return and Repair Center

Request and track repairs for your mobile devices

Connected Physical Damage Repair

Repair Status

As I said before, they never specify that they are NOT going to repair the phone under the Advanced Exchange Program. They specifically list Repair Estimate and Security Hold. The security hold was supposed to be returned after the replacement device is sent in. Now the manager is saying that the Advanced Exchange Program doesn’t repair your phone at all. It’s very dishonest. The “repair estimate” is money you pay for a repair they have no intention of enacting, and the “security hold” is money they intend to hold indefinitely.


  • Their customer service was pretty bad. They can’t handle unusual situations like when they sent a SIM card that didn’t work. That alone took over 16 hours of my time and they didn’t fix the problem. Republic Wireless did. They kept putting me on hold and transferring me back and forth between different departments, many of which would ask me the same questions the last department did.
  • They are dishonest.

Do not use their repair service because they won’t repair anything. Just buy a new phone, or take it to a local repair shop and have them do it. I had to go through the manufacturer because the Moto G 3rd gen was built such that only the manufacturer could repair it. Unfortunately, that was a big mistake.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Motorola repair. I had just the opposite experience when I returned my Moto-X (2nd Gen) to have the charging port repaired. Service was quick and efficient and charges were all as they had stated.

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I believe there was a misunderstanding regarding their “repair” service which should be called an exchange service. I’ve not hear of anyone getting their repaired phone back but instead getting a b-stock replacement in like-new condition. The phone they sent you isn’t really a loaner but instead a b-stock replacement. This is the way it has worked when I used it.

You aren’t the first one to run into this SIM snafu. I wish RW would have just asked you for the IMEI number and sent you a SIM for your phone. I did get the correct SIM from Motorola.

Two out of four phones I’ve sent to Motorola were repaired, one was replaced with a refurbished phone, and one was replaced with a new phone with a Moto maker code (took a few calls and a few weeks for this claim).

I can definitely see why this is frustrating! That being said, I have used Motorola repair on a number of occasions. On two of them I was given Moto Maker codes (including the phone I am using now) so I was pretty happy overall.

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