Do phones become unusable after quitting Republic?

I recently moved from Republic. I intended to use the republic Moto X (1st gen) for some random purposes (remote/music player etc.) However, the phone won’t connect to my wifi anymore. I see a “WiFi Connection Error” message when I try to connect to any of my networks. It was obviously working just fine when I subscribed to Republic service (until yesterday).

Does not having Republic service kill the phone? Anyway of getting around it? Would a factory reset help?

Thanks for your time.

Hi @tedzo!

You should be able to use your phone just fine. Republic does not hold your phone hostage. I would first of all, reboot. If that doesn’t work, then hit “Forget” on all your local networks. Then reconnect to them. If that still doesn’t work, then I would recommend a factory reset. Make sure to back up all your information prior to resetting it! Sorry to see you go! Hope that helps!


Two reboots did the trick… Thanks for taking the time to respond.

No problem! Glad to see you are up and running!

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