Do Samsung earbuds work in my Moto X Pure?

What phone do you have? moto x pure

What plan are you on? fixed price @ $30/mo
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I’m hard of hearing and use my expensive Phonak aids to make/receive phone calls. I have to use speaker sometimes which irritates callers.
Do you think the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro would work well on my fone?

Hi @davidc.hdzoi2,

Thanks for sharing your question in our Member Community. I looked over an article about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and noticed a couple of things that give me pause:

  1. They are optimized to work with the Samsung Galaxy line of phones. I don’t think that alone means they won’t work with other devices, but keep in mind they are made for Samsung products. Just last weekend one of my co-workers commented that a wired Samsung headset he was using wasn’t working well with a Moto phone he was trying out.
  2. They use Bluetooth 5. The Moto X Pure tops out with version 4.1 of Bluetooth. So again, they’d probably work together to some extent, but it’s possible some features and functionality may not be supported.

Are these earbuds known to work well with your hearing aids?

I’d like to also make sure you notice a conversation here among other hearing-aid wearers, although it’s not about the same phone/buds/hearing aids you mentioned:

And maybe @selfruler or @cbwahlstrom would have some additional thoughts here, as well.


I don’t have much to offer, other than for @davidc.hdzoi2 to discuss options with his audiologist. If his Phonak aids are bluetooth compatible, getting a new phone compatible with them may be a better option. I’m not a Bluetooth earbud guy. I prefer to carry around cheap wired earbuds.


Hey thanks Southpaw! For once again providing a thoughtful & useful reply.
I read all the “deaf people’s” threads and I am more confused than ever.

Given that the Moto X Pure doesn’t support Bluetooth 5 there’s no use in spending a bunch of money on the latest and greatest. We’ve had lots of luck with earbuds from Anker and Aukey, and they’re both available on Amazon, with lots of models under $50 and easily returnable for up to 30 days.

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thank you thank you! once again, the Community comes thru.
IF I were to upgrade my Moto X to a newer fone, could you recommend one???

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I’m personally a huge fan of the Sony WF-1000XM3. They are not cheap but I’ve had them since they came out and they have been rock solid, have great sound, have a good mic and have outrageously good noise cancellation.

thank you so much! I don’t need 5.0 etc. I kind of like being 2 generations back. LOL
These look perfect - just ordered from Amzn for $124 refurbished, guaranteed.

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