Do we have to look at the banner ad?


I have unpinned this topic hoping I can get the Grinning guy off the top of my screen @southpaw you usually have an opt-out X on those screens.
Sorry the guy has a freaky grin I don’t care to keep looking at. Can something be done besides turning the community off?

Letter from the CEO: Announcing even more savings with an annual payment option

I agree to a degree, it ok on a desktop but on mobile it take up too much space

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I’m with you. The guy makes me nuts. It’s a quick scroll past but I too would prefer he be gone.

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Perhaps, on a larger monitor it would be OK. On my laptop, it literally takes up half the screen. I appreciate Republic’s desire to get the word out, however, would prefer a soft sell. There’s nothing soft about this banner.

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If you use an ad blocker extension, such as ublock Origin, you can just select the element (the image) and block it. Each ad blocker has its own way to manually add something to it.


I did that in Brave, but it’s annoying to have to block an element of the community!


I doubt the image will be there permanently…just for a few days…maybe a week or 2.
So it gets noticed.

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Put a X in the corner to close the banner like most banners here are. The guy is creepy!


The “New Topic” button also now is floating in the middle of the page since that banner went up.

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I got that too.

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Hi @SpeedingCheetah, that’s unrelated and on my list to fix as time allows. It varies by theme.

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That poor guy :sob:
What if it was an RW employee in the photo???
He gets no love from the community it seems.


I am afraid to ask whats in his right hand. Dice maybe? Maybe something I don’t want to know about.


How about getting Southpaw to put her picture there. It’s got to be better than the creepy guy.


I think he’s looking down at his first gen Moto X and saying “YES! I’m still on the refund plan Ha!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s not any better, annoying and really a waste of space since most folks who come to the Community would already be already aware of the new so-so payment plan. Up the discount to more fair risk/value 25% and my complaint would go away.



If i did math right…the current discount is approx 19%. (based on price of 1GB plan per month)

Edit: I fail math class. its 16.66%


Actually, no. Maybe i can find a nice picture of a puppy.

Or better yet, everyone who is excited about the annual prepay option can post their own photo capturing that excitement, and I’ll feature real Community members on the banner!

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2 divided by 12 equals 0.1666, discount is 16.66%. Amount of savings will increase with higher GB choices and % of discount remains the same.



I went according to the graphic.
It says for 1GB it is $20 a month or $16.67 a month (at $200 yr)

That is a difference of $3.33.
16.66% of $20.

Well, i asked Cortana to do the math and chose my number % poorly and just rounded a bit…to much I guess. 19% of $20 is 3.80. Hence why i said approx 19%.

Did I mention i hate maths.

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