Do We Need a New Sim Card for Existing My Choice Plan & Phone?

I’ve been on Republic Wireless since starting as a beta tester in November, 2011. I’m an experienced user. But some things are not clearly written. My current phone is the Moto X4 on my current My Choice Plan running on GSM. Is my understanding from the public forums correct, that T-Mobile will be replaced by your new AT&T network from Dish? I also read a post that we’ll need a new updated sim card soon on our phones still on the My Choice Plan. Is it actually true that we’ll need to update our sim card? If this is correct, would you kindly send me the new sim card for my Moto X4 please? Or will you continue to operate in tandem with both T-Mobile and AT&T? On a separate note, I do want to update to your new plans and a new phone using my current account and email (not by creating a new account and losing my beta tester discount in the process. I don’t need to buy into your new plans to test out how I works. I’m sure it all works just fine). I’d also like to be able to port my current phone number to your new plan. I understand this is not possible right now till you are able to update your portal allowing this to happen, where we can log in using our legacy account to your new plans. (FYI: Your new plans do not support my current Moto X4 phone as a BYOP). I did also check your store and meager new phone offerings and most all are out of stock except maybe a low end Motorola. I’m pretty sure that one is still steam powered. That’s fine. I’m patient and willing to wait till RW fixes these issues so I can upgrade. New plan, new phone, I’m totally there when you allow us to log in with our old account and port our phone number. Meantime, I don’t want my phone and service plan to stop working if my current sim card stops working. Please update me regarding Republic Wireless and its changes. Many thanks!


If you’re staying on your current phone, and your current plan, you need to do nothing. You would only need a new Sim if you chose to move to the new plans, and yes in that case you would be moving from the T-Mobile network, to the AT&T network as part of that change.

Please do note that you posted your questions publicly in the Republic Community and any replies that you receive, even if they come by email, were also posted publicly. Your replies would do the same.

I mention that because this is not a place where you can request if that something we sent to you or that a change be made to your service…

Yep! That was answered the same way by another Elite Customer. See her comment and my reply back. Thanks!