Do we still have a way to nominate PPL for rewards?

The reason that I asked, is that while I only pop in every year or so (because I have nothing to offer tech wise), I’ve been reading posts and responses while I’m here this time, and I am impressed. Impressed at the knowledge and willingness to help others expressed (in writing that I’ve read) by the experts in their responses.

I’d yell for Kudos, but that doesn’t seem to be enough.

@southpaw, can us regular smucks still nominate the smart and helpful phone techies for an award. In my mind, and from my reading, they surely deserve it.

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Hi @Phonehome,

There was a lack of participation in our old Kudos topic - it seems people aren’t particularly inclined to say “thank you”. However, we recently began a new program where once a week our teams take a little break and celebrate some of the testimonials our Help Team members have earned, and we extend that celebration to include our Experts and Ambassadors. From a round-up of recent testimonials, we do a drawing, award a few prizes, and just enjoy reading some of the testimonials together.

So yes, if you have someone you’d like to nominate, just go right ahead and say who and why, and I’ll make sure they are included in our office celebration.

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