Do we still need to use RW's Anywhere app to receive text msg alerts from banks?

I was under the impression that we needed to use RW’s Anywhere app in order to be able to receive text msg alerts from banks and other important organizations. Is that still the case? The reason I ask is I thought I just saw something that RW no longer develops Anywhere. Is this true?

Hi @lawrencea.n5o7yo,

It is true Republic no longer develops Anywhere and hasn’t for some time. That said, using Anywhere has never been a requirement to receive text messages with Republic important alerts or otherwise.

Messages by Google is Republic’s currently supported solution. Some other unsupported options are noted here:

There was a time when Android’s default messaging app would not receive text msgs from Banks because RW phone numbers use VOIP and Banks wanted a real mobile phone number. Glad to see that’s no longer the case. Thanks for your quick response.

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Hi @lawrencea.n5o7yo,

I’m afraid this hasn’t changed. Some banks as well as other apps and services still reject Republic numbers for being VoIP:

It’s just that using Republic Anywhere was never a solution to that particular problem. If you’re receiving text messages from the sources that are important to you, switching from Anywhere won’t interfere. If you’re not receiving text messages important to you, then Republic has news that may be of interest to you: