Do you have to be connected to wifi to text on the lowest priced plan $15 plan?

Just received new phone and texting is not working unless connected to wifi. Thought texting just text (not pictures) would be covered on this plan.

Hi @dustinh.laqfc9

No, you do not have to be connect to WiFi for Talk/Text(including MMS [picture] msgs). Do you have a cellular signal?.

Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs


Please review this document: .Troubleshooting Texting Issues

Hope this helps.

just want to add one must have both Cell data and Roaming data enabled in the Android setting for texting to work on a 3.0 phone

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, even if you are on the lowest plan with no cellular data, you do need to keep the

Cellular Data on in your settings!

The RW App requires small amounts of data to facilitate your texting. You are not charged for this data.

RW is a prepaid service, so they are not going to come back and bill you for data at the end of the month.

If you try to do something…for example use an app that requires cellular data…it will simply not work. You can

of course, change your plan to upgrade to the next higher plan…if you ever require cellular data…but until you

take such action, you will neither have access to cellular data nor will you be charged for the small amounts

of data used by your RW app.

Thanks everyone for the assistance. It is working properly now. After searching around for 30-45 minutes on Tuesday trying to figure out the answer, I simply rebooted the phone and it worked. Perhaps it automatically reset the setting in doing so, but I haven’t had the problem since that time. Again, thanks for the assistance.

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