Do you have to have google for a Moto g6 to work properly with messages, photos, etc.. I can't stand google

It’s my understanding that my phone will not work properly if I dont have google activated account. i cant use text or receive messages, etc. Is this true? I do not like google and now there is an issue with this visual ■■■■ now.

Hi @pamelal.1u6ekv,

That is correct. Republic Wireless services and app depend on Google services to function properly.

I see you might be having an issue with Visual Voicemail? :thinking:
Perhaps this can help:

All Republic phones are Android Phones and Android is a Google Product. Trying to use an Android phone without Google is a bit like buying a Chevy and then trying to use it without any GM parts. You bought a Google phone so you’re kinda stuck with Google.

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