Do you have to have google for a Moto g6 to work properly with messages, photos, etc.. I can't stand google

It’s my understanding that my phone will not work properly if I dont have google activated account. i cant use text or receive messages, etc. Is this true? I do not like google and now there is an issue with this visual ■■■■ now.

Hi @pamelal.1u6ekv,

That is correct. Republic Wireless services and app depend on Google services to function properly.

I see you might be having an issue with Visual Voicemail? :thinking:
Perhaps this can help:

All Republic phones are Android Phones and Android is a Google Product. Trying to use an Android phone without Google is a bit like buying a Chevy and then trying to use it without any GM parts. You bought a Google phone so you’re kinda stuck with Google.

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Thank you. I had no idea. Appreciate your descriptive answer.

Actually Louis, that’s not quite correct. From Wikipedia:

" It is free and open-source software; its source code is known as Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which is primarily licensed under the Apache License. However most Android devices ship with additional proprietary software pre-installed, most notably Google Mobile Services (GMS) which includes core apps such as Google Chrome, the digital distribution platform Google Play and associated Google Play Services development platform."

One of several competing forks is LineageOS, which eliminates everything Google. LineageOS has other means of installing apps, however if one wishes, can still use the Google Play Store and install all the apps listed there, including Google-specific apps, so if you don’t wish to remain 100% Google-free, that option is available to LineageOS users. LineageOS is a great operating system and is my choice of all of the forks. A few others are GrapheneOS, /E/OS and Sailfish OS, yet there are others to choose from.
LineageOS is my choice, however these operating systems do not support all cell phones (you need to check their phone compatibility lists), and also they’re not easy to install, so the vast majority of people are still going to use the Google-specific version preinstalled on their phones, even though it is a huge privacy concern.
I, like pamelal.1u6ekv, cannot stand Google; or, as I refer to them, Scroogle.

Technically, you’re right. What I should have said was: All of the commercially available phones in the US are Android devices with Google services built-in. In addition, the Repbulic App is only available through the Google Play Store. Therefore it isn’t possible to use Republic without Google and in addition, what that means is that for 99.9999999% of the Android phones in the US, and for probably a few more 9’s that that as far as users go, my answer was correct.


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