Do you have WiFi or DSL service for the home

Looking for the best service for home. We each have a phone and we have a laptop we need internet for. Any ideas?

I have DSL (25 down, 5 up) and my SO has cable (100 down, 3 up). Our phones work well on both services. Huge downloads like we’ve been getting from Microsoft lately come in much faster at SO’s condo but otherwise we both stream Netflix and Prime smoothly. Realistically speaking my DSL tests very close to what my ISP promised but my SO’s cable service tests at about 60% download, 100% upload of what her ISP promised. My ISP is my local telco, her ISP is CableOne. Her condo is in a congested area, my home is in the country but only about 100 years yards from my DSL access module from which it takes fiber to their backbone. Neither of us normally run multiple devices competing for bandwidth but this could be in issue for a family of three or four especially if they have a gamer.

Interesting, never thought about expressing short distances in ‘years’, although I guess it is pretty common in reality.

Back in .00552 years while I grab something to eat.

I was spaced out. Pun intended. Thanks for catching that.

WiFi is cost prohibitive for most people. Unless less total data usage by phones+home use is below 5-10GB(?) DSL is usually a better option for many. My PCs run fine on CenturyLink 10mbps service. At the end of each RW billing cycle I can get some really good DL/UL speeds by tethering and burning up my unused data.

@tyl, Are you asking if Republic sells WiFi service, or DSL service, to be shared with all your devices at the home?

That is not the intention of the service, however they do allow Tethering , it would probably be cost prohibitive.

@williamo.vkbg0s, that kind of distress’s me.

I sense you are quite technical and savvy about the technical/telephony worlds. Specifically, “burning up my unused data”. I do not see how that could possibly help keep cost’s low for the budget minded members that want to keep it that way.

It just seems counter productive.

Yes, that really was my question.

I’ve had Republic for a few years. It was a lucky find. I’m not too techy. I used Republic because it was cheap and performed well. We need something for the house. Cheap that performs.

It just seems counter productive.

Many legacy members fell the lack of 3.0 data refunds are counter consumer. I now contribute another $10(100% increase) to the coffers each month for the new phones that have that 1GB instantly available for use. My first couple of years with RW prior to the 2.0 refund plans total data used (for entire 2 yrs) was likely less than the <2GB burned. While on the refund plans my average monthly charge for each phone was under $10.20.

I have relatively slow DSL and discovered tethering during the recent hurricane Mathew. It’s a treat to enjoy increased download speeds on my PC for several hours each month.

tyl wrote:

Yes, that really was my question.

We need something for the house. Cheap that performs.

I certainly would not recommend RW for that unless total data usage would be under 4-6GB or less. If laptop use each day is low or occasional tethering on one of your RW phones could work at a cost similar to adding DSL. My DSL is about $35 a month using my own modem/router.

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