Do you like type "C" connectors?

I have a Moto z play that uses type “c” charge/data connectors. I really like “C” because they fit into the phone in either direction, so you don’t have to stumble around, figuring out which way it goes in, like micro or mini connectors. The only drawback was they were a little hard to find in stores or online. I notice they seem to be more common now. I hope that’s a sign that they’re catching on, cuz I want one on my next phone.

USB-C is indeed the direction all phones (and PCs) are moving. It’s been a couple of years that flagships have already been USB-C and more recently mid-range phones have moved in that direction too. Soon the older microUSB will go the way of the previous miniUSB standard.

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Hi @Wdemeter
I agree with @louisdi that USB-C is the way it’s going to go! Here is a list of current phones RW offers WITH a list of the connections they use courtesy of @billg
Detailed Supported Phone Features


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