Do you play HQ?

It’s quirky and cheesy, but I find HQ Trivia to be a fun distraction. I’m not addicted (yet) as evidenced by the fact that I’ve managed to miss every game so far this week, but when I do remember it at the right time, I find it mesmerizing and challenging. I’m apparently not alone in that; each game I’ve played has had about a million participants.

I’m usually out by question 5!

How about you? Do you play HQ? How far do you usually get? Have you ever won?

This is a game best played on Wi-Fi! The streaming video will consume data at a brisk pace. I think I played two games over cell, losing pretty quickly both times, and my phone reports the app has used 120 MB of foreground data. It has also used 6.7 MB of background data, something I’m going to try turning off to see what it affects.

Note: This post is meant only as a description of personal experience and does not constitute an official endorsement of any app or game by Republic Wireless.


Can’t say I’ve tried it but it looks potentially interesting. On the surface, it seems a modern variation of bar trivia or pub quiz. The latter is an activity, I took part in when younger (particularly college years).

I join my kids for the 9p game every night. When we get to a question we don’t know we each choose a different answer as a means of keeping at least 1 phone in the game. It’s a quick, but fun thing to do with the kids…


My daughter and I tried that, as well - each picking a different answer when we couldn’t be sure.

Has anyone in your family ever won? Sometimes it’s fun to watch it to the end just to see how much the prize ends up being.

(For those who aren’t familiar with the game, everyone who survives by correctly answering all 12 trivia questions shares the prize money.)

Maybe we should have a Community challenge… a RW night on HQ. Something like:
On a given night, if you post a comment of RWRWRWRWRWRWRW in the HQ comments, and if I see it (and can identify you by your HQ username), you get a prize of no significant value from the ol’ Community Treasure Chest.

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We’ve never won, although we’ve now three times gotten all the way to question 12 only to get the answer on question 12 wrong.

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Gave the 3 PM game a try. Got booted at question 6, which referred to this:

The question was what part of Africa was mentioned. The correct answer, which I missed was the Serengeti. Guess I need to brush up on my 80s music.

I did manage to correctly answer which professional sports league boasts two players named Sebastian Aho. It’s the NHL and one plays for Republic’s hometown Carolina Hurricanes.

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You got further than I did. I was out on question 4. Who knew the Tour de France was so long!?

Well, out at question 11 tonight. One $50k winner. A real good night for someone. This Wednesday the prize is $250k!

I mentioned Republic about 5 times in the chat but with nearly 2 million players it scrolled by so fast I couldn’t manage to get a screenshot.

I’m signing up. Does anyone want to give me a referral code?

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Used it.

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I missed it tonight! Mr. Southpaw wanted to go over our taxes this evening, and I didn’t even hear my reminder from Mr. Google Assistant. :crying_cat_face:

We’re going to have to coordinate a RW night once we have a few more people playing. It would be really fun to catch some RW comments scrolling by!

I am very impressed to even know someone who has made it to question 11.

(Let’s keep referral codes to DMs, just for the sake of forum guidelines, please.)


Tonight question 11 was about bicycles. It asked about which of the choices was a part on a bicycle. There were three choices (as always), of which the correct answer was “Lawyer’s Lips”. Who knew my bike had the lips of a lawyer? Certainly not me.

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Oh great, now I’m going to have to study my bike to see if it has lawyer lips.

Lawyer lips or lawyer tabs (a type of positive retention device ), a nineteenth century invention[4], are tabs fitted to the fork ends on the front fork of bicycles sold in some countries (particularly the U.S.) to prevent a wheel from leaving the fork if the quick release skewer comes undone. They were reintroduced in response to lawsuits supported by experts including John Howard[ citation needed ], in cases where incorrectly adjusted quick release wheels came out of the forks.

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Who is ready to roll ;)?

Out early tonight on question 6.

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buzzed out :frowning: . Really though, un-moderated live chats are terrible. Things devolve very fast.

Agreed. The VERY first thing I do is swipe away the chat.

I sent you an encourage chat message, but I guess you didn’t see it. How do I get rid of it?

You just swipe to the right.

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SURPRISE GAME!!! Logon now!

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