Do you replace the phone if stolen or damaged?


Phone may be damaged by accident. No way to protect against theft. Obvious question, is the phone and SIM covered by Republic?



Hi @paulc.f024kv!

If I understand the question correctly, the simple answer is no. Republic Wireless does not insure your devices for you. Therefore, if your device is damaged, stolen, or lost, you will have to replace the phone and SIM with your own money. If you paid to insure the phone with a third party (like SquareTrade), then I would recommend contacting them for further assistance. As far as a new SIM goes, you can buy a replacement one for $5 (plus shipping) if you’re old one is unusuable or was stolen with the phone. If you happen to have the SIM, when you get your new phone, just pop the SIM in and open the Republic App. Hope that helps!




In addition to what @mb2x wrote your credit card provider might provide this coverage, something that is worth checking before buying insurance.



Hi @paulc.0fpihf,

One additional thought is that some credit or debt card issuers provide protection against accidental damage or theft as a cardmember benefit. You may want to check in with them before purchasing third party insurance.



Just to add… in most cases, the credit card merchandise protection benefit is limited to the first 90 days after purchase.

See here, though, for some banks that provide continuing coverage as long as you use them to pay your monthly fee:


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