Do you use data in data plan, if your in wifi?



I’m on the original unlimited plan, but my phone has maxed out, and is crap now. So not sure what to do since all the new phones have plans, I don’t know how much data I use. Most of time I am in wifi at home or work. So if I’m doing stuff there does the data I’m doing there count against me if I have the 2G data plan?


Hi @shanat!

No. The data you use on WiFi does not count towards your data allotment. You should be able to view how much data you used in the Republic app under the cellular strength indicator tab. None of the unlimited plans start at 2g (I am guessing you are on the $25 3g plan?). If you had 3g, you will find the speeds on the new plans much, much faster as they are 4G LTE. I hope that helps!



Check the monthly invoice emails you’ve been getting from Republic, too (if you still have any available) to see if they include information about how much cell data you’re phone used during the prior billing cycle.


One word of caution … although the RW App does WiFi First for calling and texting and will utilize the cell connection to augment these (not charged to users) you will still need to manage things that use data, like Google Maps, Pandora etc to ensure that your data usage meets your expectations

  • Android provides the ability to limit ‘background’ usage on an individual app via the normal Settings/Apps, but if you want to block an app from using any cell data under normal foreground usage you will need to do that within the App itself (many do not provide the function)
  • Some users have successfully used Mobiwol (a 3rd party firewall) and it works fine as does many other apps (others will probably have suggestions to add to this)


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