Does $15. Talk and text plan include Wifi


If I am on the new $15.00 plan I know I get unlimited talk and text, but does that plan pick up my Wifi at home ? With this plan I can use the home wifi and also WiFi at other locations. Thanks


Yes Republic Talk and Text for $15 will connect to yours and other open WiFi networks just like most Smartphones will, as a plus if there no cell signal Republic phones can use that WiFi for Calling and Text also




Hi @austinp.ql7jir,

Thanks for asking your question in Community! Do you need any guidance to get connected to your Wi-Fi network?


Thanks, but not just yet. I ordered the new Moto X and i saw with the new plans, it said $15.00 for text and talk, but it did not mention WIFI. The old plan said unlimited text talk and wifi. Was just thinking things had changed. a member got back to me. But i was wondering if i just ordered the Moto X4, will it come with Oreo ? Thanks for your help


We found people thought that meant we were providing Wi-Fi at that price. :scream:

I answered your question about Oreo in the thread where you asked. :wink:


Thank you.


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