Does a Moto E Gen 2 battery work in Moto E Gen 1 phone?


Can’t find specs anywhere, but would like a better battery for my phone. I know how to do it if the batteries have the same dimensions and wire locations.


for the first GEn Moto E you want this one (EL40)
Amazon 1st Gen Moto E battery

for second Gen (FT40)
eBay Moto E 2nd Gen Battery
Amazon Moto E 2nd G battery


I know they are different batteries; the gen 2 has more power. My question is, will the Moto E gen 2 battery work in a Moto E gen 1 phone?


Not likely.

You can order one or both and let us know. the physical differences and your outcome. Otherwise you’d need to contact the battery mfgs. to get specs/info you desire.


While I can’t say categorically it wouldn’t work, this sounds like a recipe for a DIY Note 7 meltdown to me. I would proceed with great caution, if at all.


Where are you pulling your conclusion from? Is your background in Electrical or Chemical Engineering?


one does not need a degree in either chemical or Electrical engineering to know the specs of the phones the Gen 1 Moto E has a 1980 mA battery while the Moto E 2nd Gen has a 2390 mA battery which is more power,4672

note this is from a Electrical Engineer


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