Does a Unlocked Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205G Dual-SIM Smartphone work on Republic wireless?

Can anyone here tell me if a Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205G Dual-SIM Smartphone will work with republic wireless? I see Samsung models listed as being supported, but not that one specifically.

The short answer is if it’s not specifically listed it’s not supported. The phone has to be a North American factory unlocked version. I believe that all dual SIM models are international phones.


There are several things it take to be a support republic phone (keep in mind Republic is a WiFi 1st hybrid VOIP with cell backup)

  • US(North American) Factory unlocked which is different from carrier unlocked
  • The OS does not change the basic Android APIs and how republic’s app works with the OS.
  • A working relationship between Republic and the OEM (invade an is update breaks how Republic’s app interface with the OS they can get it fixed quickly)
  • The phone must pass Republic’s internal testing

Republic Wireless always test any phone, both those they sell and BYOP, to ensure that they will work with the RW service. Here is the official reference on phones supported by Republic.

Additionally, there are two very good references that have been created by community contributors that provides more granular information.


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