Does anybody has experience with freedom pop (cheap plan for kids)


I am considering the 0$ freedom pop plan for my kids since Republic doesnt have anything very attractive for family plan. Do anybody have feedback about them?

Is RW planning to offer more competitive plans such as the ones offered by MINT SIM or now MINT FOX?

I’m not sure how old your children are but I doubt 500 texts a month will satisfy them.


Run, as fast as you can. For my kids, my most important feature is reliability. Freedompop is the opposite of reliable.

Their general expertise is hooking you in to things you didn’t mean to buy, charging you for things you never agreed to and having terrible terrible reliability and call quality.

There are lots of good options out there, Freedompop isn’t one of them.


My experience with Freedompop is dated (3ish years), but I wouldn’t use them. They’re not transparent, clear, or up front and the quality of service was not very good.

My kids aren’t quite old enough to need phones yet, but I would definitely want something that reliably met my needs. At this point, I have no hesitation with signing up for a basic Republic Wireless plan with no data.


My perception is that Freedompop looks good until you read the fine print. I think they make their best profits from “gotchas”. I join the chorus that says, “don’t do it!”


Too many restrictions and potential gotchas with FreedomPop. You have to use a minimum amount of data and/or minutes to keep the service active. Unless you pay for premium voice then the calls are VoIP.

My daughter had a pay-as-you-go plan and ran out of money while on the phone after getting in a car accident!! After that, I would not look for the “cheapest” option for my kids. I wouldn’t cheap out too much for a kids phone. You need it to work in an emergency.

Ting would be a good option. Service is $6 per line plus usage, and usage is pooled. It’s really a very safe and affordable way to get some low-usage lines for kids.


My grandson had the FreedomPop for awhile. As others have said, there seem to be a lot of gotchas. After he broke his phone, he got a used MotoE and went with the Republic 2.0 $10 plan (no cell data.) Much happier.


My parents tried FreedomPop and even did a paid plan that was $6/something per month for voice only (can’t remember exact details) a few years ago. They both had Moto E2’s, and the lag between their speaking and a receiver hearing it (and vice-versa) was about 3 seconds…just WAY too painful for any normal conversation. We tried everything, disabling apps, freeing up memory, etc, but nothing fixed it. My mom switched to RW and has my old RW 2.0 E2 and absolutely loves it. My dad wanted a flip phone instead and is paying more for Jitterbug than my mom (RW 2.0) and me (RW 3.0) combined for basic flip with no data or texting.


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