Does anyone else enjoy this Google search trick?


So lately I have been starting to grow Raspberries. I love the Houzz forums becuase it has so much information on different Raspberries. I don’t like their site that much. It’s not the most intuitive when it comes to searching. Anyway, I found out that you can do a Google search on the content of any site by typing your keywords followed by site:[site goes here]. So if you wanted to search the Republic forums for a boot loop (from Google), you just type: Boot Loop site: . Does anyone else use this? If you haven’t tried it, go ahead and try it out-It’s really handy!


I remember, especially back in the Jive days, I would often just use Google to search RW Documents/Post’s, etc…(when/if I didn’t have them bookmarked).

Your syntax has me confused though…

Google search trick site: ?, if so, not working for me.

edit: is it the space between site;forums.blah,blah,bla?.


Don’t put in “Google search”. Search like you would anything else with the addition of site:[site here]


“Site” is one of many search operators that Google has supported for a while now.


Not working on my Chromebook. Search for this thread, and show me what you are typing using the </> function.

:grinning:, please?.


I don’t know what the </> function is. The element inspector? I searched for it, but it didn’t return my thread. It’s possible that the direct link to this thread hasn’t been “handed” to Google yet. I’m not sure how that process works, but that’s my suspicion.


It’s a preformatted text that overrides the auto-formatted that the discord software does.
to do this one can highlight the text and click the </> button in the editor (or highlight and ctrl+shift+c) or put ` before and after (the symbol next to the 1 on a qwerty keyboard)

Boot Loop

this works for me in a Chrome browser on a WIN 10 machine but not from my phone’s google search bar (I don’t use the feature much as discord’s search is usable (did use it when we where on JIVE as it’s search was useless)


Really? My Google bar takes it and it works just fine.