Does anyone else have problems with their Moto G4 Plus turning off?

I bought my unlocked G4 Plus back in October after I dropped my Moto X 2nd gen and shattered the screen. The G4 Plus has been a pretty sweet deal for $249 until now.

When the battery percentage drops down to about 80%, the phone will just turn off. There is no warning, and it doesn’t matter what I’m doing on it. I sometimes am not doing anything at all. The screen just goes black and I have to turn it back on. Upon turning it back on, everything seems in order. My apps I was using are still open, and everything works fine.

The weird part is that upon turning the phone back on, after the first call or text afterwards, I get the Republic notification saying, “Congratulations! You’ve just sent/received you first call/text over Wifi!” This happens every single time.

Eventually the time before turning itself off again gets shorter and shorter, until I plug in the phone, and then all is fine.

This leads me to believe it’s an issue with the battery, but I’m also wondering if a factory reset is in order, due to the strange behavior of the Republic app upon restarting.

I have not been able to find any cases of this problem happening to any other G4 Pluses.

I don’t think the battery is necessarily designed to be replaced by the user since I can’t find any replacement batteries from reputable big-name retailers. I have, however, found a pretty easy detailed video tutorial on how to replace the G4 Plus battery on YouTube.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Most of the time phones that spontaneously turn off, it is because some app is being so bad that it is using all available memory on the phone causing the phone to turn off to protect itself. Have you tried running the phone is Safe Mode? This state will make it so that no 3rd party apps run. It is a diagnostic method not a fix.

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