Does anyone here use an iPhone currently?


Just curious if anyone here uses any apple products. I was referred to this forum and I just signed up. I did used android for about a year in a half before just recently swapping back to apple. The last android flagship device I owned was the S8. Unbelievable screen resolution but being that I used Apple for so long I decided to go back as I started missing the feature of being able to sync all your devices together such as texting and calling from my iPad with an iPhone. Anyways I know android deeply well and I went through most every phone testing them out constantly as I would buy one use it a while then sell it and buy a new one to test out. It was a lot of fun but became expensive so I decided to swap back to apple and stick with two different phones and a iPad Pro. Plus the new Apple Watch.

My favorite two android phones were the honor 8 and nexus 6p. I owned both of those devices twice during my time with android.


Hi @DavidKashton,

I’m a Mac user and also, to a lesser degree, an iPad and iPhone user. You’re not alone here. Obviously, the iPhone is with another service provider. My Republic phone is my primary phone but I use the iPhone for staying in touch with other family members on iOS and for beta testing apps including Republic Anywhere.

Speaking of Anywhere, it can do some (not yet nearly all) of what Apple’s Continuity features do. You might take a look here: Texting App | Text from Computer | Republic Wireless.

I’m a tech geek. I like using both Android and Apple products and contrary to what some might think, they can be made to get along reasonably well. I’m confident a significant number of Republic staffers use Apple products (at least Macs) as well.

Welcome to the Community!


Hey thanks for the reply. I’ve heard a lot about republic wireless and While I was with android for that year in a half stint I had thought about swapping to them over cricket. Now I’m with Xfininty Mobile basically because I had signed up for their internet and cable and they offered me a great deal and a $500 dollar Visa card to make the switch so I went for it. They use Verizon towers so my service is excellent. I had used Apple for many straight years until the end of the 6s when I made the swap over to android. It was a lot of fun testing new gear out all the time. In fact I just created a YouTube channel and I wished I had done when I was using android as I went through so many phones during my year plus stint with them.

Now I have the iPhone 8, the iPhone 10 or X on the way, a iPad Pro and the new series 3 Apple Watch which it’s great to link all my devices together again and be able to use any device to text from or do pretty much anything I was doing from my other device on. I like both Apple and android for different reasons but in the end I decided to come back to apple. That’s good to know there are other Apple users here. I’ll definitely post here with you guys and enjoy the interaction here.