Does anyone know how to keep iphone users from knowing when you opena text message

my sister uses an iPhone and she was telling me a few days ago that when she text messages someone that when they read that message she knows if and when they do it,

As far as I know this is only iPhone to iPhone. This is called a read receipt. I don’t believe that she can see when an Android user opens her message, which is what your phone is.

Hi @andyt,

@michellen is correct. The setting in question allows an iPhone user to alert others they’ve read messages sent to them. It does not let an iPhone user know when you’ve read a message they sent you:

my sister told me when I opened her text. my phone is a moto x pure, I would like to be able to block that function for I phone users or anybody else, Andy

As Roland noted in his photo. She can see on her phone when you open text sent from her phone. I don’t know of any way for you to block this as it is an iPhone feature that she has turned on in her phone.

It is not possible to turn off delivery reports. SMS delivery reports are network based and aren’t actually telling anyone that you read the message, the standard allows for delivery report to be delivered under multiple circumstances including: being queued for sending, to being sent, to receiving a confirmation of receipt from the target device.

is there a texting app that i can download that could block the iphone program ?

There is not. The notification doesn’t come from your phone, it comes from the network. There is no way to turn it off.

thanks everyone, maybe that is something someone could invent ? thanks for all your help.

I think it’s a good feature - to keep, ahem, some people from lying and saying they didn’t get a message, or lying about when they read it. Why would you not want it - do you regularly lie to people about if or when you get their messages? Why would you NOT want them to have the peace of mind of knowing their message was transmission was successful?

it is a good feature if used correctly, the problem I am having with my sister is she expects me to respond to her message as soon as I get it and sometimes I don’t have my phone with me. so it’s not about lying to people it’s about people trying to control you !!!

Tell your sister that her phone isn’t finding out when you get the message, but rather that the network has gotten the message correctly. If your phone is in a gym locker, she’d still get the notification and you could be somewhere lifting 1,000 pounds, nowhere near your phone.

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