Does anyone know if we're affected by the security flaws at LocationSmart (link provided)?


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tldr: Large cell companies have been selling location data of their users to a company called LocationSmart without their knowledge or connect. Recently a researcher was able to gain access to the location of basically anyone through a flaw in the site.

Does anyone know if Republic has been participating in this, or if the carriers Republic uses are able to sell our data? I’m also curious if anyone knows if there are other ways Republic uses our data?



It has been stated that R.W does not sell any of its customer data. What the underlying carrier does is beyond the control of R.W.

I would be far more concerned with the tons of data that Google it self has on you. Including your location and every trip u make. Google does whatever they want with that data. And since u have to use a Google account to use Android…u have no choice but to agree to it.

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