Does anyone know when the Moto X Pure Edition will receive Android 7.1 Nougat?

I have seen online that the first Moto X Pure Editions are being upgraded, and I was wondering when it would come to them on Republic Wireless. Is the Republic app ready for an update to Nougat, and when can we expect it?

Hi @cynthiap.z1w1bo,

With Republic no longer modifying the Android operating system, it’s out of the timing of system software updates. That’s now entirely in the hands of the manufacturer. Our Moto X Pures will get Nougat when Motorola decides the time is right. The latest word (I know of) from Motorola here: N is for Nougat: Android 7.0 is coming to your favorite Moto phones - The Official Motorola Blog.

Republic’s 3.0 app is currently running under Nougat on Nexus and Pixel phones. It’s possible a tweak might be needed for Motos. If needed, I’d expect those tweaks to be released in short order (a few hours to a day tops) as was the case with Nexus and Pixel phones.

Thank you

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You’re most welcome!

Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc.

Step 1 select Republic Wireless

Step 2 Moto X Pure isn’t on list of devices that we could have bought from RW

Something isn’t proper?

Hi @rjh,

One needs to select “Other Carrier or Retail”. The Moto X Pure like all qualified Republic 3.0 phones and unlike legacy Republic phones isn’t Republic specific. Republic 3.0 qualified phones are North American factory unlocked variants and may be used with any service provider willing to support them not just Republic.


Solid additional detail. I had noticed that “Other Carrier or Retail” option and now understand why it applies to our devices. Certainly not holding my breath. Nougat happens when it happens. Stuff gets stuck in my teeth anyway. Peace.

i will have to step back, sit down and breathe. Waiting on an update, can make ones’ head explode. Thought for sure my Moto Pure would get it by now. And Moto Pure is not eligible for the beta program, which not sure i would do that if i could. There is info on how to get an update called “google gapps” . Does someone have procedures to download and install on OS upgrade?(not the automatic update) And at this point, I hope my update is not 7.0…should go right to 7.1.2 or whatever the latest is with the bug fixes.

If you really, really can’t wait: some folks have reported Lineage OS (aka Cyanogenmod) works well for Republic, and is available for the Moto X Pure. But you would have to be willing to live on the bleeding edge to do this.


Thanks for the information but I really think the OP wanted Nougat not a different operating system to get Nougat.

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Now its 5/23/17 and still waiting for Moto X pure Nougat…This is why i will purchase the PIXEL-2 when it comes out in 3 to 5 months.

…and September. Now waiting for Oreo. Various hacks of the OS are regularly announced and without these updates, one has to wonder if our devices are worth the risk to use?

Hi Roland,

We were on a related thread in the spring that I recently replied to after wondering if we would get Nougat or Oreo. My security patch is from December on Android version 6.0 and it’s getting risky to use this device with all the hacks floating around

Updates are done by Motorola/Lenovo
Motorola has claimed the Moto X Pure will be updated to Nougat
this was a while ago I would hope they still plan this,
I do not believe they will be updating to Oreo on a phone that is over 2 years old (they have not done this in the past)

I like @davyoung suggestion of a header or other verbiage consistency for OS updates alerts. Getting nervous with a December '16 security patch on 6.0 on our 2 Moto X Pure

It’s discomforting that our system is still up to date after 7 months of new aggressive hacks floating around. Any ideas of when we get to Nougat or Oreo or more up to date security patch?

the Moto X Pure will most likely never see Oreo
as for when will it get Nougat that something only Motorola can answer

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Hi @rjh,

The Moto X Pure in my household is not so patiently waiting for Nougat as well. All Motorola has to say on the subject is soon and they’ve been saying that far too long. Bluntly, it’s not (in my opinion) a satisfactory answer but it’s all we’ve got.

While there is a true lack of consistent official information from both Republic and Lenovo on this issue, I honestly feel that Republic should bear some responsibility here as they were selling this device longer than any other carrier. If lowly Sprint can allow for the devices to update on their network, can someone here at Republic please clearly explain why we are not seeing it? I have 2 of these on Republic and am about to move to Sprint, if for no reason other than a more current security patch (Dec 16 vs Sept 17). Maybe I’ll just use Sprint sims, allow the update and see what happens. If that causes issues, off to Sprint I go.

My wife’s MXP has been receiving a notice that past couple of days for update to 25.201.1 Is this Nougat 7.1? Is it recommended to accept this update, or to ignore it?


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