Does Anywhere No Longer Sync With PC Version Of Anywhere?

I noticed that new contacts in Anywhere on my android phone (Samsung Galaxy, Android v9) no longer sync with the Anywhere app on the computer. If I add a contact and text them, the text will show up on the computer but the only the contact number is listed and not their name (e.g.■■■■■■■■■■■■■■instead of “John”).

I looked at Android settings (Settings > Accounts and backup > Accounts > Republic Anywhere) and noticed that Republic Anywhere is listed but states “Sync off for all items”. Tapping on that doesn’t offer the ability to turn Sync on. I tried a few things listed on this google support link but none of it helped.

(Note, I noticed a few other apps on the phone with the same message about Sync off for all items so maybe some apps aren’t compatible with Android 9’s update on Samsung phones?)

Is this an issue on Samsung phones? An issue with the Anywhere app on the phone? An issue with Anywhere on the PC?

This community article seems to indicate that maybe the PC Anywhere version no longer is supported.
Is that the case?

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