Does build number of S7 phone matter?

Do I have to worry about the build of a “bring your own phone” Samsung Galaxy S7 phone that is model SM-G930U? The Republic Wireless website for bring your own phone doesn’t give a build number, only the model number. But the other phones, like the S6, give a list of specific build numbers.

There was one issue with a build number but RW fixed that. Any 930U should work.

There are no listed build numbers for the S7, if you buy a factory unlocked North American version of the S7

with the model number SM-G930U, you should be all set. If you are trying to buy this phone from a third party…then you

should make sure that they haven’t installed any beta builds of Android on it. This has been an issues with some of the Nexus 6Ps… I haven’t heard about it in reference to the Samsung S7…but just something to be aware of. If you are trying to buy the phone from a third party…then the easiest way to be sure that the phone will work on Republic Wireless is to have them install the Republic wireless App…and the app will definitively say if the phone is compatible with the service.

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