Does extend use data

Does the Extend unit use data, that is, does my plan have to have data in order to use the Extend device?

Hi @nesbocaj ,

No, Republic’s Extend Home adapter does not require one have cell data with their Republic plan. That said, Republic is no longer selling its’ Extend Home adapter. Do you already have an Extend Home adapter?

Thanks for your answer!
I have and use the Extend unit. I am considering jumping ship to T-Mobile for the two of us over 55.
Keep the phone number for my wife on the new carrier, keep the phone and extend on the existing number with Republic. And get a new number on a cell for me with the new carrier.

My cell number is the same as my old land line number.

Eventually switch the extend and phone number to a voip (Callcentric or Google voice) if Republic ends the Extend feature support.

T-mobile plus Netflix added in price is a wash.

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