Does Home Extend follow Call Block & Do Not Disturb rules on phone?

I have home extend… and my cell phone is usually off.

Will blocked calls still go through to Home Extend if the cell phone is off?

If I have my phone set to ring only for Contacts or Starred Contacts… will that rule on the cell phone carry over to Home Extend when the cell phone is off?


Yes, calls blocked on the phone are not blocked on the Extend Home adapter. If Republic’s network based spam blocking is on those calls would also be blocked on the Extend Home adapter but it’s separate from calls blocked on the Republic phone itself. More on Republic’s spam blocking is linked here: How to Block Robocalls/Spam Calls & Voicemails Using the Republic Wireless App – Republic Help.

No, none of these settings on the mobile phone carry over to the Extend Home adapter.

Thanks for responding. Here’s my experience… I blocked spam calls and messages shortly after I got the phone. Of the 25 spam calls I got when the cell phone was on… only 3 were marked SPAM presumably by RW. I thought the FCC gave phone companies more robust tools to identify and auto-block spam.

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