Does initial number transfer count towards the 2 free phone number changes?

Just activated a new line yesterday and Republic automatically assigns a number before you can initiate a Number Transfer. Currently trying to decide whether to transfer my Google Voice or my carrier number. But it got me thinking. Will my Number Transfer be considered the first of the two free number changes we are allowed on our account? Or is it not since new lines are not given the option of porting a number right from the get go?

I’m not one to change numbers often but if I port my carrier number now, I may want to change it to my Google Voice number later. Just wondering if that would my last or my first freebie. Thanks!

No it will not, the assigned number is part of the activation process for those who don’t have a RW number they wish to transfer to the new or upgraded phone. Porting your number into RW is a number transfer but not considered one of the free number changes allowed.



Hi @mvictoria621,

Thanks for the question, and @PlaneTherapist, thanks for providing an answer!

I’ve added an article to our Help Center to make sure this information is documented there.


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