Does it hurt to leave phone plugged in all night?

Does it hurt to leave phone plugged in all night? Moto G6
Also when traveling should phone be left in hot spot setting?

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en

The short and quick answer is no. :slight_smile:
Your phone will be fine being plugged in all night.

I would recommend you only have the Hot Spot setting on when you are planning on using the phone as a Hot Spot. (using your phone as a wifi connection point).

We are going back to SC ( I am in NC) to look at homes for sale and I had only Emergency calls in most of the areas. I used a lot of my data up and if I have to use my phone I want to be able too. I have 6 days left this month and have on 380 mg left. We are leaving tomorrow

I have been with RW since Moto X 1st and have never gone over my data

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en,

It’s possible we’re not understanding what you mean by this question.

If you mean should the phone be set so that the “Hotspot and tethering” setting is enabled, then no, there is no need to leave that enabled if you aren’t connecting another device, like a tablet, to use your phone’s cellular data.

If you mean should the phone be connected to a Wi-Fi network, yes. Whenever possible, and especially when the phone is left turned on overnight.

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You will still be able to use your phone for calls if your cell data is used up.

You can add 1GB of data for $5 to your G6 if needed and unused data will expire at end of your billing month.

While traveling you would need to be in an area with good cell reception or on WiFi to add data.

Have a safe trip.


OK I don’t fully understand hot spot. I thought if I turned on hot spot I would be able to use my phone while traveling when I get a message that says only 911 calls. I know I can get more data; my point is I have never used more than 1 gb and it is $5.00. Evidently I was using data and not always aware of it.

putting a phone in a Hot Spot allows one to use the cell data on other WiFi devices (a tablet or laptop)
If you are not trying to connect other devices one should leave Hot Spot off as it battery draining

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To possibly clarify … the term ‘Hot Spot’

  1. You can use a standalone hot spot that has it’s own cellular data & plan to provide a WiFi connection
  2. You can use your phone, its cellular data connection & plan to provide a WiFi network for your other device.
    • This is the one that should be turned off unless you are using it, it uses considerable power
    • You need to enable appropriate security/login as you will be broadcasting its whereabouts to any within reach of your phones WiFi, unless you want them to use your data :frowning:
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Ok as I said, I did not understand hot spot. I think I do now. I do not have another device, only my moto g6. I thought I could connect to a hot spot on my cell so I did not use data for GPS and calls and texts.
OK my gps uses so much power while in the car, I have to charge my phone via car charger

Calling and texting does not use any of the data you’ve purchased. They use some data, but we don’t count it against your purchased data.

GPS does use data, and that’s probably why you’re seeing so much more used. You might want to read about using Google Maps in offline mode - you can install the maps when you’re on Wi-Fi (at home or at the hotel) and then you won’t use as much data when you’re navigating.


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