Does It Make Sense To Keep Using Google Voice?

I’ve been a RW user since the Defy XT, and since this was my first cell phone, on a carrier that I wasn’t sure would make it, I thought Google voice would be a good idea so I could take my number wherever and whenever without relying on a carrier to port it.

This brings me to my question. Is having a GV number and using it as my primary number a good idea anymore?

What would I be giving up by transferring my GV number to Republic? What would I gain?

The main advantages to GV for me have always been VM to Text, and the ability to text from a computer if I want to. Go ahead and tell me what I’d lose, and what I’d gain by giving it up.

One of the reasons I’m contemplating this is due to the fact that I’ve been forced (temporarily) to use T-Mobiles network, and the coverage is terrible. Voice calls fail often with GV, but seem to go right through with the carrier number. I know this won’t be an issue when I’m back on Sprint (whenever they get the sim cards designed).

Thanks in advance!!!

I use Google Voice. The spam blocking is pretty good, and I like being able to switch between multiple devices for calls and texts. Also, on the rare occasion when I leave home without my phone, I can just send calls to my work number.


I’ve had to do that once…

Okay, that’s one for Google Voice, NEXT!

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