Does it matter where I buy Moto G4 Plus?

Does it matter where I buy my Moto G4 PLus? It’s available cheaper elsewhere than it is at the sale price from Republic. Any special reason why I should buy from Republic?

It matters for your coverage.

Go to the phones pages and punch in your zip code.

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If it lists all phones then you have good GSM coverage in your area…and then it would not make a difference if you bought your phone from elsewhere and then bought the RW SIM card.

But if the list excludes some phones, then you have better CDMA coverage in your area.

Right now, only way to get CDMA coverage with the new phones is to order them from RW.

Where is it cheaper than the $249 on RW in a couple of hours??? The RW one has 4gb RAM and 64gb ROM

Thank you.

You’re welcome!

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