Does Linux Anywhere app work with multifactor authentication?

info: *********************************************************
info: Starting Republic Anywhere - 1.5.9 (284e7) - main
info: AppUserModelId - com.squirrel.republicanywhere.RepublicAnywhere
info: *********************************************************
verbose: triggering authentication window
verbose: oauth{0-609cf8d2} request
debug:     with url tokenUrl=
debug: oauth{0-609cf8d2} token request error => {"error":"mfa_required","error_description":"Your account has multifactor authentication enabled."}
verbose: AUTH login failed
info: AUTH Could not complete token/provisioning flow
warn: AUTH error: name => UserCancelledError; message => 

I don’t believe any of the Anywhere clients support two factor authentication as it was added after Anywhere development stopped. I could be wrong though.

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