Does Linux Anywhere app work with multifactor authentication?

info: *********************************************************
info: Starting Republic Anywhere - 1.5.9 (284e7) - main
info: AppUserModelId - com.squirrel.republicanywhere.RepublicAnywhere
info: *********************************************************
verbose: triggering authentication window
verbose: oauth{0-609cf8d2} request
debug:     with url tokenUrl=
debug: oauth{0-609cf8d2} token request error => {"error":"mfa_required","error_description":"Your account has multifactor authentication enabled."}
verbose: AUTH login failed
info: AUTH Could not complete token/provisioning flow
warn: AUTH error: name => UserCancelledError; message => 
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I don’t believe any of the Anywhere clients support two factor authentication as it was added after Anywhere development stopped. I could be wrong though.


Were you able to get signed into Anywhere?

@southpaw Thanks for checking in on me; I have not been able to get into the Linux Anywhere app; the Windows and Android apps work quite well with 2FA.

Hi @andrewu.9bpkbf,

The Anywhere team has confirmed that MFA is not supported in the Linux version.

I came here for this specific feature. I, too, have 2FA enabled for the security of my Republic Wireless account, but I later found that 2FA prevents me from using Anywhere on my Linux system.

Unfortunately the Feature thread seems to be closed - Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread

So I’m leaving my two cents here.

The Feature Request thread is closed because development on Anywhere has ended and other than critical bug fixes no further features are being added or developed for Anywhere.

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