Does Messages sync with Anywhere

Lots of discussion indicates that RWAW is no longer supported on phones and that Messages is supported.

However, for those of us that use RWAW on the desktop/laptop more than on a phone, the unanswered question is the syncing of messages still supported. If I make messages the default app on my phone, will I still get copies to RWAW on my computers, and conversely will I get copies from my desktop/laptop on my phone?

Does anyone have experience with this?

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Hi @japher

When you use Messages as the default texting app on your phone, the texts you send from your phone are no longer available to Anywhere on your computer. Your computer will still see texts sent to your Republic number.

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Some might disagree, however, I don’t consider Republic Anywhere to be unsupported. It’s true, Republic is no longer actively developing Anywhere (meaning one should not expect new features). Republic has continued to squash bugs after announcing Anywhere was no longer in active development. Admittedly, the day may come Republic no longer does so. Meanwhile, for me, Anywhere continues to work just fine and may be installed on newer Republic compatible phones. If/when that changes, I’ll look at alternatives.

Messages by Google also offers Messages for Web. Unlike Anywhere, Messages for Web relies on a web browser rather than dedicated client apps. Further one’s phone must be on, connected to the Internet and running Messages by Google as its default messaging app.


That’s a bummer … I do 90% of my texting from desktop/laptop and rare occasions when out without a computer via the phone.

And that’s when I need both to be in sync.

Hi Japher,

At least as of now, Anywhere remains an option. I’m still using it on my Pixel 4 XL which runs Google’s latest and greatest Android 10. Messages for Web also allows for text messaging from a computer albeit via a web browser.


Anywhere is one of my favorite features RW has… I was really sorry to see RW was no longer supporting or looking into further development. I will use Anywhere to the bitter end.


I have been using Anywhere until the bitter end, which for me was 3-4 weeks ago when my Pixel 3A updated and the app stopped working on my phone. Unfortunately I use this app on my non-RW phone to see the texts that I get on my RW phone and there is no other app that delivers this kind of information. I use my RW phone as a backup phone and don’t want to have to carry it around all the time so using Republic Anywhere was a great solution. I request that you continue updating this app so that it continues to work on our phones because otherwise using the RW phone as a backup isn’t worth it. I suggest RW reevaluate maintaining this app as it is really useful.

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