Does Moto G PLUS (4th Gen) have CDMA radio?

I’m comparing Motorola’s specs to Republic’s specs for the Moto G Plus (4th Gen) and republic’s specs don’t show the CDMA radio. Does it come with the radio installed or is it a custom build? I’m definitely not an expert on which is which, but I want to confirm prior to ordering.

From Republic:

GSM: (850, 900, 1800, 1900)

UMTS: (1, 2, 4, 5, 8)

4G LTE: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 12, 13, 25, 26, 41)

From Motorola:

CDMA (850, 1900 MHz)
GSM / GPRS / EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
UMTS / HSPA+ (850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz)
4G LTE (B1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 17, 25, 26, 41)

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Customer Experience: Mark Network ID (GSM/CDMA) on Devices

Moto G PLUS (4th Gen.) Tech Specs




That is interesting. RW must have a new specs format. I didn’t see that for the phones.

Republic has always had 2 different spec formats, the one in the JIVE document sections and the one in the on-line Phone Store

The JIVE document are linked to in the FAQ

Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs

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BYOD don’t have Jive Document but it’s listed in the Blogs

note they are only listing GSM as BYOD is only GSM

Bring Your Own Moto Z and Nexus 6 to Republic

Bring Your Own Google Pixel and Pixel XL to Republic

also note they just added the CDMA compatibility in the last we or so

So, then, it is very unlikely a new customer shopping for a phone and service will see format that displays which networks it works with.

that’s something @southpaw@rw or someone else from Republic can address

but given that they don’t give the customer a choice (just assign based on a computer script they may not want to confuse customers with what network they are on )


(just assign based on a computer script they may not want to confuse customers with what network they are on )

The confused customer couldn’t figure out refund plans either?

@drm186 , thanks for pointing out the specs differences depending upon location.

Please vote up on this suggestion:

A waste of time to vote up or down. RW should have done this since 3.0 phone info put out.

They have their contorted ways of doing things and don’t seem to care about norms.

Hi @billg,

Please explain the sigh.

Hi @drm186 ,

We only recently reached a stage in our rollout where numbers of CDMA-compatible phones we were sending were sufficient and device support was stable enough to merit an update to the tech specs. Our Community team was able to accomplish the update to those specifications over the last week or so, and our marketing side will follow quickly, my understanding is that it is on their to-do list.

It arises out of my exasperation with the CDMA/GSM matters. Specifically not making it clear in the shopping section which phones will work with which technologies, the lack of a choice, having a link only to a poor quality GSM map, and having a computer decide which carrier our phone will work best with.

Southpaw, I don’t think RW is providing their customers with the tools necessary to make a value judgement. I feel bad about this. I really like your company and the people you work with. Please accept this as constructive criticism: These problems should have been dealt with months ago.


No there are thousands of ways to confuse the community, throw common sense out the window. I agree @billg

Sigh *** ~~ßocephous™***

We are taking deliberate, small steps toward a goal, and making consistent progress.

We understand that our current state isn’t yet ideal. That is why we are continuing to work on improvements.

So I saw that it listed CDMA and GSM on the supported cell networks, but I really want that confirmed via the tech specs. Otherwise, I will order direct from Motorola and buy a sim card. Then I at least know the hardware is fully compatible.

Hi @gregl.k5ysng ,

I will ask our documentation team if they can add the bands to the documentation in Community. I did not realize that was missing.

We do not have a custom build.

If you buy the phone from another source and get a SIM card you are guaranteeing that you will have GSM coverage, as we do not currently support BYOP for CDMA.

It’s the same model as Motorola is selling so it has both CDMA and GSM, if your a current customer and order from republic in a area that has better CDMA coverage vs GSM then you should get a CDMA configured version, and if not open a ticket letting Republic know there a bug in their script they should also let you get the CDMA version via the help ticket

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