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I have an 85 year old friend who would like to come to RW. The problem is he doesn’t email or text, what can he do to move his service here?

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Does your friend have access to Wi-Fi? Our service is compatible with a specific list of smart phones, which, unlike flip phones and other “dumb” phones, need regular maintenance - operating system updates and app updates, all best preformed over Wi-Fi. Our service is also based on the idea that our members will use Wi-Fi - our pricing model depends on that.

Our billing is done by an automatic charge to the credit card on file, with an E-mailed invoice. We see a lot of members who do not maintain the E-mail address they gave us when signing up, surprised by having their service canceled due to a billing issue, because they’ve missed the three or four warning E-mails we’ve sent to an E-mail address they do not access.

Our support model is based on online interactions - help tickets, online chats, and community conversations with other members. We don’t offer a toll-free number. Every support interaction begins online.

Unless your friend has a very good friend (you?) who could regularly help with things like updating apps, connecting to Wi-Fi and communicating with our support staff, we may not be a good fit for him.


Thanks for the reply, this is what I thought. He just bought a flip phone and isn’t looking to do internet. Thanks again.

Yes I would like to change my username, didn’t know I could. Change to 2ndDan. Thank you.


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