Does ported request automatically replace my assigned Republic #?


I received a Republic # during activation (didn’t expect that). I have just submitted a transfer request for my existing T-Mobile #. Does the transfer override and self assign? Or is there something else I need to know before my old service is terminated?

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When the number transfer completes, it replaces the Republic assigned number on your phone.


Hi @gutthans

Just to clarify for others that may read this tread…

You have RW service and are just “upgrading” your device on the same/similar plan, correct?


Your correct in how this works
1 activate the phone as a new ;one/account [getting a random Republic number]
2 request the port of your T-MOBILE number [via instructions linked above
3 wait for the number to transfer [can be 24 hours but usually 1 or 2


In the opening post he said he was transferring a T-MOBILE number, so he is not upgrading a line here

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