Does Republic Anywhere make notification sounds?


I lost my phone at Burning Man this year and I have to wait a few more days until they reopen their online lost and found, until then I’m without my phone. I remembered that Republic has Anywhere so I can at least send texts. I’m expecting a delivery of dog food today, the company was nice enough to agree to text me upon arrival (I live in a very old building that has no doorbells). I have the app open on my computer but what I really need to know is this- will the app make some sort of sound to alert me when I get a text? I’d really like to be free to do other things around my house and at my computer without having to worry about this. Thanks!


Hi @christinef.aqs49l,

The answer depends on the computer you are using and your notification settings. If you’ll let us know what kind of computer you’re using, maybe someone with the same set-up will reply.

Or, with your permission, I’ll text you now and you can see (hear?) it in action.


I’m using a pc running windows 7. I’m not keen to post my phone number publicly, otherwise I would love for you to send me a text but now that i"m thinking on this I can probably have a friend do it!
I looked at the app’s settings and didn’t see anything about sound


If you have Windows 10, it should pop a system “notification” and sound. At least it does for me.
Under Conversations, Preferences, check the boxes for “Show Notifications”.

If win 7, then I dont know.


I certainly don’t want you to post your number publicly. As staff, I wouldn’t need you to do so. :wink:. Just let me know if you don’t want to engage a friend in a texting test.


well in my case, window 10 / moto e 2nd

if RWA is open on the screen, no sound on the pc
if RWA is closed and sound is on, on the pc there is a sound, not musical, a cord.
then a pop up of the RWA with a number in red at the bottom…

a watched pot does not boil… :slight_smile:


Southpaw that would be great and I’d really appreciate it a lot! thank you so much!
The app is up and running, text me anytime


I got the message with a visual notification, but no sound. Thank you!


Is your computer’s sound on?


yes it is.


Could you take a look at this?

Open the Windows Control Panel
Click Hardware and Sound (or click the Sound icon)
Click Sound
Click the Sounds tab
That should bring up these options:

Don’t fiddle too much, but just make sure that part I’ve highlighted is not set to “none.”


That’s what I get with Win7 Home. Just visual notification, no sound. I do get an audio alert with WhatsApp Web, so it’s probably how Republic Anywhere is with Win 7 that keeps it non-audio.


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