Does Republic Anywhere work while roaming?

I was just told by the Republic folks that Anywhere is designed to not work in roaming networks.

This seems incredibly silly to me. Why make a texting app that doesn’t work in all conditions? I was told the solution is to change to the default messaging app when roaming. Nobody wants to have to constantly change their default texting app.

So, I guess this “feature request” is to allow anywhere to work while on a roaming network.


It does work in roaming areas. Just do not turn off roaming data on your phone. We won’t charge you.


I’m not sure who told you that, they’re wrong.

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Hmm… I do have it enabled. I guess I should report a bug, then?

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Hi @matt.11,

I’ve moved your comment from our Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread since it has turned into a conversation of its own.

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You may want to review this thread

If you are unable to access it, you will need to join the Republic Anywhere Beta group. You don’t need to be part of the beta channel to access this group. Similarly, joining the group doesn’t put you on the Beta release channel.

Click on hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the top right, click on Groups
Locate Republic Anywhere Beta and click on Join Group

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