Does republic cover a flip phone?

My husband cracks screens all the time. Wondering if maybe there might be a smart phone that is a flip phone that republic supports?

Short answer … No
Only the phones listed in either Detailed Supported Phone Features or Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

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The answer might be a case for your husbands phone.
Depending on how he is cracking the screen… maybe something like a “wallet case” or “Box” type that can handle dropping and such.
What make/model phone does he have?

He is a cement Mason so he is hard on everything. So we have gone cheap with the Alcatel after many others like Moto’s. He always seems to crack it in his pocket, not necessarily by dropping it

I have seen when I worked at Microcenter, a cheapo GSM only “flip” phone that is made by some obscure company, that has some sort of stripped down version of android on it.

There also is in the tech news lately, that this year, 2019, is the year when foldable smartphones are going to premier. Although, from what I have seen, they are basically small tablets, that will “fold” to make a thick bi-fold wallet like device. And they will cost quite a bit more than the current flagship phones cost, so, about $1.5K to $2K+.

I have also seen an article that says the old Moto Razer flip phone is making a comeback in some sort of smartphone form…but again, it is going to cost alot of $.

As of now, for a basic, traditional flip phone, there are a few companies that do offer them in some fashion. Consumer Cellular, i see their commercials on TV. I think also some company that partnered with WalMart also has such a service.

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