Does Republic have a plan that competes with Comcast/Xfinity Mobile where they charge only for data?


Xfinity Mobile advertises a plan that charges $12 per month per gigabyte of data. Apparently data can be shared by 2 to 5 phones. I believe the plan is available only for Comcast customers. What does Republic have that is competitive? Is “data” defined the same by Republic and Comcast/Xfinity Mobile?


Data is internet over cell, regardless of the provider’s name. Republic current plan starts at $20 for voice/text/1GB of data. If you need more that 1GB of data, you add more as you need it at $5/GB. There are no family plans where data is shared among several phones. The RW plans are simple and economical, the cost is low, and RW subscribers are among the happiest in the industry with the value they get from being a member. Come on over! :grinning:


A quick comparison:

  1. Using’s Xfinity service requires:
    A) Being a Comcast/Xfinity Customer for other services
    B) Dealing with the infamous Comast/Xfinity Customer Service for yet another product

  2. Xfinity currently lacks wifi calling or an Anywhere like app

Now, on to pricing. Remember that one must be already spending some number of hundred dollars with Xfinity to be eligible, so it’s not exactly apples to apples:

At 1GB, Republic = $20 – Xfinity = $12
2GB, Republic = $25 – Xfinity = $24
3GB, Republic = $30 – Xfinity = $36
4GB, Republic = $35 – Xfinity = $48
5GB, Republic = $40 – Xfinity = $60
6GB, Republic = $45 – move to Xfinity Unlimited at $65
7GB, Republic = $50 – move to Xfinity Unlimited at $65
8GB, Republic = $55 – move to Xfinity Unlimited at $65
9GB, Republic = $60 – move to Xfinity Unlimited at $65
10GB, Republic = $65 – move to Xfinity Unlimited at $65
There’s your cross-over point.


Since one has to have a Comcast package in addition to spending that $12/mo, their pricing is much more expensive than Republic Wireless’ plans for many people like me who don’t have Comcast.

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