Does Republic offer insurance on phones?

Is there any insurance I can buy for my phone, in case I get it wet, break screen or other user problems?

Republic doesn’t sell any. Many people use SquareTrade.

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Securanty is another option:

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I would recommend that you look into a Wells Fargo credit card that offers phone protection (Chase also offers this on select cards, but I am unsure of how comparable it is to the Wells Fargo cards). Most of the cards don’t have a fee and as long as you pay your phone bill with it, you are covered for free (i.e. no monthly cost) up to $600 with only a $25 deductable. You can’t beat that anywhere. You are limited to 2 claims per year (shouldn’t be too much of an issue :wink: ) and it doesn’t cover lost phones. You can read an article the Points Guy wrote about cards with insurance here: .

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